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The .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2003 does not provide any native serial port methods.  There are a several classes available online, but I thought I needed to write my own.  I tried to keep it simple, and to the point.  Add the DesktopSerialIO.dll (.NET Assembly) to your project.  The object model appears above.

The class implements OnComm receive events.  Your code may enable these events by setting the EnableOnComm property.  Both Text (ASCII) and Binary data handling are provided.  A CommError event is generated for certain communications errors and if a Break is received.  See the CommErrorFlags Enum for details.

This assembly is congruent with CFSerialIO for the CompactFramework.  It provides the same object model as CFSerialIO.

Namespace:  DesktopSerialIO

ClassName: SerialPort

The included .NET example was written using VB (as was the SerialPort class).  Source code for the class module is available to readers of my book, Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications 5 (click here for information).  Send me email about this (  For most users, all that will be needed is the Assembly (DLL) in the download.

Disclaimer:  This free software is furnished without a warranty of any kind.  Treat it like beta software; use it, but remember -- you received more than you paid for.  If you have problems or questions, feel free to contact me.  However, my response will be governed by time and other obligations.

Download Now, Visual Studio 2003 version, about 50 KB (includes a simple VB .NET Terminal application example).

Download Now, Visual Studio 2005 version (why?),  (dll only does not include the VB .NET Terminal application example above).

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