Why might you want to use DesktopSerialIO in a VS2005 project?

1. USB to Serial adapters and their associated virtual serial port drivers
seem to have a serious problem with the SerialPort class in VS2005. An
attempt to close a previously opened port -- if the actual adapter has been
disconnected, causes an exception that cannot be trapped. This exception
seems to require a reboot to restore normal operation.

2. The SerialPort class provides no convenient way to disable DataReceived
events. Thus, if you want to mix event-driven and polled code, you must use a
flag or flags.

Why might you want to use the SerialPort class INSTEAD of DesktopSerialIO?

1. Ports are enumerated automatically.
2. Raw performance is better with the SerialPort class than with
DesktopSerialIO (the receive threading is more efficient).