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Richard L. Grier

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Independent Consultant - June 1994 to Present.  Client list and additional information is available on request.

June 1987 to June 1994 Hathaway Systems Corporation, Littleton, CO.
 Principal Software Engineer
Conceptualization, design, and implementation of software and hardware for data acquisition systems oriented toward the power industry. This includes high-speed data communications (asynchronous and synchronous modem, fiber optics, and LAN), signal processing, data analysis, and operating system software. Designed distributed data acquisition systems, Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation/time synchronization, and a variety of DOS, Windows, and Multiuser DOS software. Managed project teams of one to five engineers.
January 1986 to May 1987
Independent Consultant
Projects included data communications (modem) hardware and software engineering. Principal clients: Prentice Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA; Hewlett Packard, Corvallis, OR and Grenoble, France.
June 1987 to June 1994
Project Engineer Prentice Corporation, Lakewood, CO
Responsible for Technology Transfer Program. Designed four Bell 212A compatible modems, two V-22 modems, one V.22bis modem and one V.26 modem. Designs included hardware, software, and manufacturing support. Designed a Z80 based communications computer for integration into modems for error correction, protocol conversion, and data compression.
July 1982 to January 1984
Independent Consultant 

Computer system design and integration. Customized software for business and industrial applications. Digital and analog circuit design.

July 1980 to July 1982
Electronics Engineer (Expert GS-13) The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.
Two-year appointment. Engineer in charge of the Video Development Laboratory of the Lister Hill Center. Developed hardware and software for videodisc storage of biomedical information. Performed extensive studies in the areas of video imaging and signal degradation. Designed and developed the Lister Hill Center Videodisc Pre-mastering facility.
April 1977 to July 1980
Senior Engineer Ampex Switcher Company, Wheatridge, CO
Software, digital and analog circuit design for sophisticated video production systems. Designed pattern systems, quad-split, and control systems.
August 1976 to December 1976
Electronics Instructor Electronics Technical Institute, Denver, CO.
April 1970 to June 1975
Engineering Associate. Western Electric Company, Aurora, CO.
Application engineering of toll and toll terminal telephone (Central Office) equipment.
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Graduate studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. University of Colorado.
Various certificates for engineering short courses from George Washington University and the University of Colorado.
Bachelor of Science, 1976. Electronics Engineering Technology and Mathematics. Metropolitan College of Denver. Honors: Maurice Davis Award, 1976. President's Honor List, 1975-1976.
Undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering. Colorado State University, 1965-1970.
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Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the IEEE Computer and Power Societies. Microsoft Developer MVP @Large (Visual Basic). Windows User's Group Network Technical Associate, VBxtras Advisory Board, and member of the WRUG Visual Basic Users Group.
Member of the American Contract Bridge League (Life Master). Scuba diving and backpacking. Cats.
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 Visual Basic Programmer's Guide to Serial Communications, ISBN 1890422282, Mabry Publishing (390 pages, includes CD-ROM). March, 1997. Second Edition, October, 1998. 3rd Edition , February 2002.  4th Edition July, 2004.  Grier, R. For more information, to read reviews, or to order this book from Amazon.com, click the book:
"VB Program imports GPS data for time synchronization, location detection". Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News. September, 1997. Grier, R. Go to http://www.pein.com to download a copy of this article.
"Windows API speeds serial communications in Visual Basic". Personal Engineering and Instrumentation News. July, 1997. Grier, R. Go to http://www.pein.com to download a copy of this article.
"Practical Serial Communications - Using MSComm, PDQComm, and CommLib3". Visual Basic Tool Tips. [Part1] July/August, 1995. [Part2] September/October, 1995. Grier, R.
"Autodial Modems -- The Weak Link In Data Communications". Presented before the Sixth annual IEEE Conference for Fault and Disturbance Analysis, Texas A&M University, April 1991. Grier, R.
Videodisc Premastering Facility: Technical Evaluation. LISTER HILL Technical Report LHNCBC 83-10, September 1983. Thoma, G., Grier, R., Merriam, S., Leonard, W.
"Video Image Degradation and Its Evaluation". Presented before the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers meeting, Bethesda MD, August 1981. Grier, R.
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